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Philadelphia Fusion Moving to South Korea Next Overwatch League Season

Philadelphia Fusion Announces Movement to South Korea

A few days ago, Philadelphia Fusion posted an update statement for their fans via Twitter. In the announcement, the team explained that they would be moving to South Korea for the fourth season of the Overwatch League (OWL). The team explained that this decision was made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fusion decided that it would be better for their team members to live in South Korea, where the pandemic has been handled in a better manner than in the United States. As a result, Fusion will be competing against the teams of OWL’s Pacific Division next year.

Philadelphia Fusion announces movement to South Korea

Consequences of the Movement

The team’s movement to South Korea unchained mixed reactions between the fans. Some fans was clearly disappointed since they will no longer be able to watch their team’s games on a regular basis due to conflicting time zones. However, several fans and OWL analysts have explained how this movement could benefit the team. OWL caster, Brennon “Bren” Hook, stated that “living in Korea guarantees a fantastic quality of life for all your players which in turn makes the season much easier.” Like this, it could be explained why the team and players agreed to move to a different country.

Why South Korea?

South Korea is often considered the mother nation of E-sports. That factor itself provides several advantages for the players. For example, the country ranks number one for internet connection. With the next season of the OWL being played entirely online, this could provide an advantage to the players. In the previous season, there were several teams that faced connection problems during games in the USA. Furthermore, the pandemic is more controlled in South Korea than in the USA. This could improve the general quality of life from the players allowing them to realize more activities outside of playing.

This movement is expected to be the first of several more team movements. It is still unsure how many teams will be participating in each region. However, it’s likely that the OWL will try to even out the number of teams in each zone. That would help avoid last year’s situation where the America region had thirteen of the twenty OWL teams. An ideal situation would be for OWL to manage to divide their teams into ten teams per region. That would make a far more competitive season, in contrast with last year’s regular season.

While we wait to see which will be the next teams to announce their movement to a different zone, remember to check out our “[LIVE] Overwatch League 2020 Offseason Tracker”.

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