Lost Joins TSM As Their New Starting ADC

It came as a shock for the esports community to hear the departure of arguably most famous ADC and personality, Doublelift. Doublelift announced he would be moving on, after almost 10 years of playing professionally.

After years of North American domination, winning 6 summer splits in a row, on November 25th Doublelift retired his throne. The rumoured reason why he left, was that SwordArt, TSM’s new support’s deal had fallen through. Doublelift didn’t want to play with anything but a world-class support. TSM announced their support, former Suning support Swordart, on a $6 million contract on November 26th. Whether Doublelift knew it would go through or not is something we’ll probably never know.

But the larger question in fans’ minds was who would replace Doublelift as the starting ADC for TSM. TSM’s Academy ADC Lawrence “Lost” Hui is next in line to take his place.

Who is Lost?

Lost came to North America first in late 2017 to join Echo Fox’s Academy team for the 2018 season. After coming to TSM Academy in December 2019, Lost has shown much promise and development throughout his time in NA.

Another factor in Lost’s promotion was the death of OCE. The LCS is no longer counting Oceanic players as imports as a result of the dissolution of the OCE. This was crucial to Lost being able to play, as TSM already had 2 imports in Power of Evil and Swordart. Lost will have big shoes to fill coming into to 2021.

TSM’s Bot Lane in 2021

Photo via LoL Esports

Lost isn’t the most experienced as an ADC, and that’s why Swordart is so important. In order to develop Lost into the star ADC TSM wants him to be, he needed an experienced support. Swordart not only brings that veteran presence but also aggressive shot calling and playmaking. Swordart proved this year that he could turn inexperienced rookies into superstars with Huanfeng. Huanfeng was a solo queue Draven one trick who hadn’t played on the LPL stage until this year. Through working to develop him throughout the season, Swordart created a world-class monster in the botlane in Huanfeng. TSM’s hope is that Swordart will be able to do the same with Lost and make him into a star.

Lost’s future looks bright on TSM, as he’s surrounded by veterans in Swordart, Power of Evil, and Huni, as well as former teammate Spica. However, he has probably the largest shoes to fill out of anyone this season, and well TSM fans are far from forgiving. Lost has a lot to prove, but TSM seems to have built a team where he can thrive.

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