Doublelift retires from professional League of Legends

On the 25th of November North America lost the premier and longest standing ad carry. Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng announced via Twitlonger that he would officially be stepping down from professional play. This announcement marked the end of two eras. Firstly the region would be losing their greatest player ever. This combined with Soaz’s decision to move towards coaching means no player from season one will be playing at the highest level. (Yellowstar does still play in the French Regional Leagues with LDLC).

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Doublelift — The Player

Doublelift started his professional career as a support (primarily Blitzcrank) player with Epik Gamer. This wouldn’t stick when he joined Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). He would serve as starting AD Carry, a role he would play for the rest of his career. His playstyle was aggressive, and almost all teams he played on would funnel resources into him. He was an exceptional player and was worth the investment. All LCS champions except Cloud9 won at least once with him on their team.

His playstyle was a very selfish one. It cost him his job with Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) following their first title. Also, despite his immense talent, he wouldn’t receive a championship until 2015 summer. Another problem was his international performances, which would receive a different kind of fame.

His international performances during his domestic championship era tended to leave fans disappointed and angry. Making only one MSI finals appearance and never advancing beyond groups at worlds most certainly leaves a stain on his international reputation. From the Lucian dash into the Viktor piloted by Samsung Galaxy’s Crown in 2016, to the four years of 3 – 3 records, the several times he “saved his flash for next year” to even his final run where his team failed to secure a single win. Doublelift’s time on the worlds stage will not be remembered as fondly as the rest.

Doublelift — The Personality

When he first came on the scene, he was just a nerdy kid who just liked to play videogames. However, over time he opened up, and his confidence improved, allowing him to show off his personality. He was outspoken and quite cocky. Some of his mottoes would be “Everyone else is trash” and “I am the greatest.”

This new attitude served him well as it allowed him to grow a rather popular stream. He also landed analyst desk opportunities at worlds in 2013 & 2014. When he took a break in 2017 spring, he developed a friendly rivalry with fellow streamer Imaqtpie, which served to help both of them.

He is always a joy to see in content, be it for his channel, team, or League of Legends in general.

His Legacy

Doublelift’s career is definitely one for the history books as he served as an inspiration to many people. He leaves with the most LCS titles and as the greatest player to grace the LCS scene.

He struggled to attain domestic glory for almost the entire first half of his career. This spawned memes and a whole subreddit dedicated to his trophy case. He faced relegation, which could have resulted in a premature end to his career, was kicked out of his house following the season one championship, and lost his mother right before season 8 spring finals.

He has earned all-star and MVP accolades and proved to be one of the league’s best personalities. All the way proving he could persevere and conquer despite the troubles sent his way. The League of Legends scene would definitely not blossomed into what it is without his help. The scene most certainly won’t be the same without him. He is one of the most deserving of a spot in the LCS hall of fame.

The actions he will take in the future most certainly be interesting to watch.

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