Overwatch League Announces San Francisco Shock vs World Event

What is this new event?

During the last Overwatch League (OWL) Update video posted on the league’s YouTube channel, OWLs Vice President Jon Spector commented that OWL would participate in the next BlizzCon to take place on February 19th. OWL will be participating by making an event around the recent OWL’s Champions San Francisco Shock. This event would be named “Shock vs World.”

At this event, the former OWL champions San Francisco Shock will be competing against “dream teams of former pro players” or even community figures of Overwatch. It is still unknown how the event will be formatted. However, it was mentioned teams would be competing against Shock on different Overwatch related challenges. This could mean that we would see different mini-games be played alongside regular matches.

What to expect from this event?

At first glance, this appears to be a fun idea to make sure fans stay engaged with OWL during the off-season. It is likely, that before BlizzCon, OWL announces a voting system to select the dream team of former OWL players. In that manner, fans would enjoy seeing their favourite retired players playing together as a team. Additionally, it will be interesting seeing them compete against OWL’s champions and see how close they can make it.

Moreover, it is expected that there will be a team made of some of the biggest Overwatch’s streamers. As a result, people who like the game but do not follow OWL could get interested in the league due to this event. Even though several details are unknown yet, Shock vs World looks like a great idea by OWL commissioners. This event will serve for OWL to have a more significant engagement with Overwatch’s community.

San Francisco Shock announced with the use of #ShockVsWorld their participation in BlizzCon:

San Francisco Shock announced with the use of #ShockVsWorld their participation on BlizzCon

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