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As the clock strikes midnight (GMT) the flood gates will open to all the transfers and signings that have been rumoured throughout the past month. Tonight is the night we see where our favourite players end up, to see if that outside rumour you read happens and to gather a preview of what Season 11 will look like for your favourite team and region!

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Featured News.

FNATIC announces former Origen/Astralis ADC Upset as their new starting ADC replacing Rekkles.

TSM sign former Suning support Swordart for $6 million over 2 years.

DISCLAIMER – a lot of moves below are still to be announced officially.


[15:32 PM] FNATIC confirms former Origen ADC Upset as their new ADC on a three-year deal

Thursday 26th November 2020

[22:00 PM] Dignitas signs FakeGod as their Top Laner for the LCS

[17:07 PM] FNATIC announces their new coaches Yamato Cannon and Tolki for the 2021 LEC Season

[14:54 PM] FNATIC announces the departure of Mid Laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovsek

[14:30 PM] Schalke 04 welcomes former TSM Top Laner Brokenblade into their 2021 LEC Roster

Wednesday 25th November 2020

[21:30 PM] Counter Logic Gaming reveal their full roster for the 2021 LCS Spring Season

[21:00 PM] FlyQuest welcomes Johnsun as their starting LCS 2021 ADC

[16:00] FNATIC announces former C9 Mid Laner Nisqy, for their starting lineup for the LEC 2021 season

[13:20 PM] Hanwha Life Esports sign Jung ‘Chovy’ Ji-hun as their starting Mid Laner for 2021

[08:05 AM] HLE have also renewed the contract of jungler Cho “CaD” Sung-yong and signed jungler Park “Arthur” Mir for the 2021 season.

[08:00 AM] Its Official! Hanwha Life Esports sign ADC Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-hyu.

[07:00 AM] Rumours coming out of Korea suggest that DRX ADC Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu could be signing with Hanwha Life Esports.

Tuesday 24th November 2020

[22:48 PM] FlyQuest confirm the previously reported transfer of Licorice, Diamond & Palafox.

[20:00 PM] Golden Guardian’s reveal their entire starting roster for 2021.

[08:30 AM] Liu ‘Killua’ Dan-yang leaves LGD Gaming as a free agent, following a massive overhaul of the squad.

[08:15 AM] Hanwha Life Esports announce the arrival of ex-Team WE Top laner Park ‘Morgan’ Ki-tae & Jungler Kim ‘Winter’ Yo-han.

Monday 23rd November 2020

[19:46 PM] BloopGG reports that FNATIC will buy out Astralis(OG) ADC Elis ‘Upset’ Lipp and make him their starting ADC for 2021.

Sunday 22nd November 2020

[18:54 PM] FlyQuest confirms the departure of support Lee ‘IgNar’ Dong-geun. Evil Genius follows up by confirming the arrival of IgNar as their starting support for 2021.

[16:00 PM] TSM Announce that Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil’ Schrage will be their starting mid laner for 2021, replacing Bjergsen.

[11:10 AM] LGD Gaming and Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho mutually part way making Peanut a free agent.

[02:55 AM] Lee ‘HyBriD’ Woo-jin has left Seolhaeone Prince as a free agent. He was their ADC last year.

[02:00 AM] Dominus Esports confirm that Jungler Wang ‘Xiaopeng’ Peng is available for transfer after both parties mutually agreed to part ways.

Saturday 21st November 2020

[22:00 PM] Counter Logic Gaming announce the departure of ADC Trevor ‘Stixxay’ Hayes and the arrival of Jason ‘WildTurtle’ Tran as their starting ADC from FlyQuest.

[21:00 PM] FlyQuest announce Brandon ‘Josedeodo’ Joel Villegas as their starting Jungler for 2021. Joining from Rainbow7.

[20:40 PM] 100 Thieves announce that Aleš ‘Freeze’ Kněžínek will join their coaching staff as Assistant Coach.

[19:30 PM] FlyQuest confirms the departure of mid lane Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil’ Schrage.

[19:15 PM] Team Liquid announce Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris & Lucas ‘Santortin’ Tao Kilmer Larsen as their new starting Top & Jungle for 2021.

[19:00 PM] Immortals confirm the signing of Andrei ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir from Astralis/Origen.

[18:00 PM] Cloud9 announce the signing of Luka ‘Perkz’
Perkovic from G2 Esports.

[16:00 PM] G2 Esports announce the signing of Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson after his departure from FNATIC.

[14:00 PM] Schalke 04 announce Dino ‘LIMIT’ Tot as their starting Support, joining from SK Gaming.

[08:00 AM] SANDBOX GAMING pick up Jungler Kim ‘Croco’ Dong-beom who recently left hyFresh Blade as a free agent.

[05:00 AM] DOMINUS Gaming (TT) rumoured to have signed assistant coach Siu ‘Chris’ Keung from Invictus Gaming making him their Head Coach.

[05:00 AM] DAMWON Gaming resign Support Cho ‘BeryL’ Geon-hee

Friday 20th November 2020

[23:30 PM] Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun joins 100 Thieves as their starting support for 2021. Huhi left Golden Guardians as a free agent this off-season.

[23:15 PM] FlyQuest release Lucas ‘Santorin’ Tao Kilmer Larsen & Jason ‘WildTurtle’ Tran.

[23:00 PM] Tanner ‘Damonte’ Damonte is announced as 100 Thieves starting mid laner for 2021. Joining from Golden Guardians – we asume apart of the FBI & Closer deal that Jacob Wolf reported on earlier.

[22:08 PM] EX-SK Gaming ADC, Jus ‘Crownshot’ Marusic confirms he won’t be playing in LEC or LCS next season.

[21:30 PM] Sergen ‘BrokenBlade’ Celik confirmed from TSM to be leaving.

[20:00 PM] MAD Lions confirm the departure of Andrei ‘Orome’ Popa

[16:00 PM] SK Gaming announce their roster, pending riot approval.

[14:05 PM] Zdravets ‘Hylissang’ Iliev Galabov resigns with FNATIC.

[06:00 AM] WE’RE BACK AGAIN! And you didn’t miss much.

November 19th October 2020

[21:30 PM] FlyQuest to part ways with coach Anand ‘Curry’ Agarwal.

[20:53 PM] BloopGG reports that G2 Esports have acquired Former FNATIC ADC Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson. FNATIC in turn have began talking to other ADCs to replace Rekkles.

[20:30 PM] FNATIC confirm the departure of ADC Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson.

[19:00 PM] Team Liquid confirm the depature of top laner Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong.

[11:46 AM] Nam ‘Ben’ Dong-hyun retires.

Nam ‘Ben’ Dong-hyun (Cr. Riot Games)

[09:53 AM] Han ‘SMLZ’ Jin leaves OMG Esports for free agency.

[08:30 AM] Dominus Esports also announce that top laner Hu ‘Natural’ Jia-le is now a free agent.

[08:05 AM] LGD Gaming confirms the departure of top laner Guo ‘Lies’ Hao-tian.

[07:35 AM] Dominus Esports announce the departure of Yang ‘Yui’ En-jian, Lu ‘Mitsuki’ Jia-lun & Xu ‘xubin’ Qing-bin.

[06:02 AM] Coach Kim ‘Kim’ Jeong-soo joins Billibilli Gaming (BLG) as head coach after leaving T1.

– T1 announce that sub support Choi ‘Kuri’ Won-yeong leaves the team
– T1 followed up with announcing that DRX support, Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok will join on a multi-year deal

November 18th 2020

[00:00 PM] With That, I’ll be signing off for the night!

[23:30 PM] Following on from the Johnsun move, Immortals will bring in Quin ‘Raes’ Korebits from Legacy Esports, to partner Destiny.

[23:30 PM] Per Jacob Wolf, FlyQuest and Dignitas have reach an agreement to acquire ADC Johnsun ‘Johnsun’ Nguyen, who will be FlyQuest’s starting ADC. No word on where Deftly will end up, who was acquired in the earlier deal that saw IgNar head to Evil Geniuses.

[22:00 PM] Counter Logic Gaming announce Finn ‘Finn’ Wiestal as their Top laner for 2021, arriving from ROGUE.

[19:30 PM] Counter Logic Gaming announce Mads ‘Broxah’ Brox-Pedersen as their new Starting Jungler.

[19:00 PM] Team Liquid confirm Mads ‘Broxah’ Brox-Pedersen’s exit.

[19:00 PM] Immortals announce Mohamed ‘Revenge’ Kaddoura’s arrival from FlyQuest.

[17:00 PM] G2 Esports say farewell to Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic .

[16:00 PM] Astralis confirm their starting five for 2021.

[12:00 PM] GRIFFIN confirm that Kwak ‘Yusin’ Yu-sin, Byeon ‘Citrus’ Ji-woong & Yoo ‘Naehyun’ Nae-hyun have left the organisation.

[12:00 PM] TOP Esports announce that subs, Zhang ‘QiuQiu’ Ming & Xiong ‘Moyu’ Hui-dong have left the team for free agency.

[10:01 AM] KT announce that Kim ‘Aiming’ Ha-ram has left to become a free agent.

[09:45 AM] LNG Top Laner Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun enters the free agent market.

[09:15 AM] Reports from Korea are rumouring that KT ADC, Aiming, will become a Free Agent. Source – Kenzi

[09:00 AM] GENG Provide their coaching staff update, replacing Edgar will be Ju ‘oDin’ Young-dal as Head Coach and joining him will be Kim ‘Lyn’ Da-bin.

[09:00 AM] We’re back! Some moves that you might have missed last night!
– Kim ‘Life’ Jeong-min resigned with GenG for 2 years.
– 100 Thieves announced Victor ‘FBI’ Huang as their starting ADC for 2021.
– SandBox sign Head Coach Kim ‘Travel’ Tae-su from DAMWON Gaming.
– LNG’s Duan ‘Duan’ De-Liang retires from pro play.
– Cho ‘Mata’ Se-hyeong, coach for RNG joins JD Gaming – rumoured
– Kim ‘GimGoon’ Han-saem & Kim ‘Khan’ Dong-ha leave FunPlus Phoenix as free agents.
– Bae ‘Holder’ Jae-Cheol leaves Rogue Warriors as a free agent.
– Kwon ‘Helper’ Yeong-jae, Assisstant Coach at Suning leaves as free agent.
– Suning Gaming announce SwordArt as a Free Agent. Suning state they are actively talking to SwordArt.
– Grant Rousseau, Head of Operations leaves EXCEL Esports.
– Le ‘SofM’ Quang duy has been rumoured to have resigned with Suning Gaming for around 12 Million RM ($1.8 Million~)
– Ha ‘Kramer’ Jong-hoon & Xie ‘LangX’ Zhen-ying leaves LGD Gaming for free agency.
– Victory Five Jungler, ex-FunPlus Phoenix Jungler also, Chang ‘Ping’ Ping retires.
– DAMWON Gaming announce Lee ‘Flame’ Ho-jong & Ryu ‘Hoit’ Ho-seong will leave for free agency.
– SeolHaeOne Prince sub Support, Choi ‘Mia’ Sang-in leaves.
– hyFresh Blade sign ex-VICI Gaming Jungler Lee ‘Chieftain’ Jae-yub, as well as resigning ADC Park ‘Hena’ Jeung-hwan.
– SANDBOX Gaming reveal their Second Team (unsure if this is Academy) coaching staff; Jung ‘FanTasy’ Myeong-hoon, who will be head coach. Choi ‘DooTi’ Doo-sung & Park ‘Nova’ Chan-ho will also join.
– LNG Esports ADC Zhou ‘Chenlun17’ Peng-yuan leaves for free agency.
– VICI Gaming’s Kim ‘Zeka’ Geon-woo enters free agency.

[03:00 AM] With that it brings our live blog to a close, for now, we’ll be back again tomorrow morning around 9:00 AM!

[02:54 AM] Immortals have verbally agreed to sign Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw from OG/Astralis.

[02:36 AM] TSM are reportedly signing Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo-Chieh from World Finalists, Suning Gaming.

[02:30 AM] 100 Thieves announces Can ‘Closer’ Celik as starting Jungler for 2021.

[02:03 AM] Ian ‘FBI’ Victor Huang & Can ‘Closer’ Celik will be bought out by 100 Thieves from Golden Guardians, joining for 2021.

[02:00 AM] Jacob Wolf, reports that Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun would be joining 100 Thieves with a verbal agreement.

[01:59 AM] DragonX announce the release of Choi ‘Doran’ Hyeon-joon, Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon, Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu and Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok.

[01:58 AM] Dino ‘Limit’ Tot will join Schalke and replace on SK Gaming by TSM Support Erik ‘Treatz’ Wessen.

[01:26 AM] As a part of the IgNar to EG deal, Matthew ‘Deftly’ Chen will join FlyQuest. At the same time FlyQuest have reached a verbal agreement to sign Brandon ‘Josedeodo’ Joel Villegas from Rainbow7.

[01:20 AM] Golden Guardians confirm that their entire roster will be leaving.

[01:16 AM] Evil Genius will be signing Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong from Team Liquid & Lawrence ‘Lost’ Sze Yuy Hui from TSM Academy.

[01:08 AM] Immortals are working for a Buyout for Mohamed ‘Revenge’ Kaddoura from FlyQuest Academy.

[01:02 AM] MAD Lions announce that Marek ‘Humanoid’ Brazda, Matyas ‘Carzzy’ Orsag & Norman ‘Kaiser’ Kaiser will remain on the team and Irfan ‘Armut’ Berk Tukek & Javier ‘Elyoya’ Prades will join. Armut joins from Supermassive & Elyoya from Movistar Riders.

[00:47 AM] Per Jacob Wolf, BrokenBlade will join Schalke 04 from TSM. Replacing Odoamme in the top lane.

[00:45 AM] 100 Thieves let go of Academy players, Aaron ‘FakeGod’ Lee, Max ‘Soligo’ Soong & Jacob ‘Prismal’ Feinstein.

[00:38 AM] Wolf also follows up with reporting that Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Petersen will leave Team Liquid and join Counter Logic Gaming.

[00:38 AM] Jacob Wolf reports FlyQuest will be buying Eric ‘Licorice’ Ricthie, Christian ‘Palafox’ Palafox & David ‘Diamond’ Berube from Cloud9.

[00:33 AM] Immortals confirmed Jake ‘Xmithie’ Puchero has left the team.

(Cr. Immortals Twitter)

[00:17 AM] More from Afreeca Freecs, following the release of numerous players they confirm Lee ‘Spirit’ Da-yoon & Coach Alvingo will join AF Academy as coaching staff.

[00:16 AM] HUGE NEWS, World Champion Top Laner Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon & Support Cho ‘BeryL’ Geon-hee are free agents, leaving DAMWON Gaming.

[00:16 AM] Afreeca Freecs, announce Kim ‘ALL IN’ Tae-yang, Seo ‘SS’ Jin-sol, Son ‘Jelly’ Ho-gyeong, Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-Jin & Nam ‘Ben’ Dong-hyun will leave as free agents. As well as Lee ‘Dread’ Jin-hyeok has resigned.

[00:12 AM] Jacob Wolf reports that TSM will buy out Heo ‘Huni’ Seung-hoon from Evil Geniuses. Replacing Sergen ‘BrokenBlade’ Celik as the starting Top Laner.

[00:06 AM] JinAir Greenwings officially announce they are disbanding their League of Legends Team.

[00:00 AM] GENG announce Kim ‘Kellin’ Hyeong-gyu has left the team

[00:00 AM] ROGUE announce Andrei ‘Odoamme’ Pascu & Adrian ‘Trymbi’ Trybus. Odoamme joins from Schalke 04 & Trymbi from AGO Rogue.

[11:58 PM] Hanwha Life Esports announce that Park ‘Viper’ Do-hyeon & Son ‘Lehends’ Siu’s contracts have expired.

[9:55 PM] Jacob Wolf & Esportsmaniacos reports that Evil Genius will be picking up Lee ‘IgNar’ Dong-Geun from FlyQuest.
This will be the first move of Free Agency tonight.

Lee ‘IgNar’ Dong-Geun (Cr. Riot Games)

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