15 Most Common Mistakes in League of Legends

It’s easy to make mistakes in games, especially common ones.

League of Legends is no exception, where players can find themselves slipping into bad habits and ultimately losing the game. In order to prevent this from happening, you should be aware of these mistakes.

It is practically guaranteed that every League player has done at least one of these common mistakes once. 

Here are the most common mistakes that you can make in League!

1. Forgetting about wards

Control/pink ward and stealth ward
Photo via Blogspot

A seemingly simple one, wards and trinkets have a very important role that grant you vision to the map. Without vision, you can’t see where the enemy jungler is and it is almost guaranteed that a Hecarim will suddenly come from nowhere and you will be dead.

The role of wards is especially important when you are playing support, since it is your job to help your ADC. You can’t do that if you both die because you failed to place wards on one of the most ganked lanes.

A bonus one for this topic is control wards. You need to buy control wards, no matter whether you are support or not. Each player only gets one control ward on the map at a time, so use it wisely, since these wards don’t expire and give permanent vision, providing it isn’t killed.

2. Constantly pushing the wave

Lux vs Xerath mid lane
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Another mistake would be constantly pushing the wave. With the minions pushed up too far, to the point you are constantly under turret, it means your jungler can’t gank. But do you know who will be able to gank? The enemy jungler. 

It also narrows your chances in killing the enemy champion, since they will be sat under their turret the whole time and will be able to run away faster.

3. Overstaying

Olaf and Ekko turret diving Anivia
Photo via Team Dignitas

There’s two kinds of overstaying in League and both spell disaster. One is overstaying in lane, where you succeeded in killing your enemy, yet you stay anyway. You think ‘I’ll get this wave and then leave’, despite having almost no health. That’s when the enemy jungler or someone with teleport appears and you are killed.

It’s fine to overstay sometimes, but beware of respawn times and whether or not enemies have teleport. 

4. Lack of Participation

World championship champions
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It’s fine to run away from the odd fight, but all of them? That’s a bit much.

One thing that commonly leads to losing the game is when you don’t participate enough. For example, if you’re ADC and you stay in lane to push for the majority of the game, ignoring team fights. You’re the ‘attack damage carry’. You’re meant to carry, not run away. 

That being said, sometimes running away is the best option. But make sure to coordinate that with your team, so you don’t end up leaving your teammates behind to fight a 4v5.

5. Facechecking brushes

Brush in league of legends
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Similar to the ward problem, this one is an issue of vision. Facechecking is where, rather than looking at the map, you walk into a bush and immediately get killed by enemies hiding there. In order to prevent this, the answer is simple. Check the map. Are several enemies missing? Yes? Don’t walk in any bushes near objectives with no vision, because chances are, you will probably die. 

6. Not buying items

Item shop in league of legends common mistakes in league of legends guide
Photo via ginx.tv

This is kind of a dumb one, but remember to buy your starter items and to build up on items. You might be super fed, but those kills mean nothing if you don’t have the items that you can buy with the gold. You don’t have to save up 3800 gold to buy the whole item at once. Purchase the smaller items that build towards a completed item.

7. Buying the wrong item

rabadon's deathcap and warmog's armor
Photo via altchar.com

Another mistake is buying the wrong items. This is very easily done, so check your champion, look up builds online and see what to get. For example, if you’re someone like Garen, you probably don’t want to build a Rabadon’s Deathcap.

8. Levelling the wrong ability

ability dashboard hud display common mistakes in league of legends guide
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This one is a common mistake, but not a fatal one that means you instantly lose the game. Chances are you sometimes are too used to your main and you end up levelling your ‘W’ on Ahri, instead of her ‘Q’. Just make sure to pay attention and remember which champion you are playing. Even look up what to level if you want, because levelling the wrong ability can make a big difference. 

On that note, don’t level up an ability the moment the game starts. Wait to see what ability you may need. If your jungler is planning to invade, you might need your crowd control ability. If you already leveled up your another ability, you won’t be able to help out as much.

9. Not pinging enough

fiora ping wheel common mistakes in league of legends guide
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Pings are really important for in-game communication, especially when you’re not on a call with your teammates. Some people don’t ping as much as they should (or not at all) and it’s just something that you need to remember to do. If you don’t ping that your laner is missing, then chances are, they could be heading to another lane to gank.

Don’t just assume that they’ve gone back. 

10. Chasing kills for too long

league of legends guide
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It’s fine to chase the odd kill a little bit past a tower. But deep into the enemy jungle? That’s risky territory. One of the biggest mistakes is chasing a kill for too long, when chances are you may not even get that kill. Instead, you may be the one that ends up dead. 

11. Turret diving

heimerdinger under turret in league of legends
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This one can either be a mistake or intentional. If you’re a squishy champion, like Syndra, chances are if you dive, you will die pretty quick. If you’re a tank, then you might hold out a lot longer and that’s fine. It really depends on the champion you picked. Once again, this is just a case of knowing your champion or doing a bit of research before playing them. 

12. Ignoring Farming

lucian farming/csing minion common mistakes in league of legends guide
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Ignoring farming is a really common mistake. I know this, because for a very long time, I also ignored farming. But don’t underestimate it. Farming and last-hitting minions gets you a lot of gold and experience. You need this to gain levels and items faster than your enemy. 

Since farming is quite difficult, the only thing you can really do is to practice it with your champions, since you have to think about your current attack speed and damage when you farm.

13. Overusing abilities

common mistakes in league of legends guide lux
Photo via ddragon

This is more of a common problem for champions that use mana. In early laning phases, sometimes people opt to be more aggressive and push waves using abilities, while also poking the enemy. Though this is good for getting more farm and for doing damage, it doesn’t last long. 

If you keep up this tactic, you will run out of mana and when it comes to a fight, you won’t be able to fight back. Additionally, it means that you would have to go back more often to replenish it, which means you miss out on a lot of farm.

14. Incorrect usage of summoner spells

summoner spell usage flash league of legends
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We’ve all done it where we don’t know the shortcuts to make our champion dance and accidentally flash. But doing this multiple times is a common mistake that a lot of people make. Things like healing even though you have a support champion or flashing a few centimetres forward can have a huge impact. In the few minutes that it takes flash to come back up, you can end up in a team fight with no escape.

Remember to use your summoner spells as a last resort.

15. Giving up too soon

common mistakes in league of legends guide
Photo via Esports Edition

Finally, for the last one on this list, it’s giving up too soon. 

If you’re five minutes into a game and you have already died three times, your farm is bad and your jungler isn’t helping, then I can understand why you want to give up. However, games can turn. If you give up early and don’t give it your all, then it’s no wonder you lose. If you want to improve then you have to keep playing, because as cliche as it is, practice makes perfect. 

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