VG Leyan Fined & Suspended for Bug Abuse

VICI Gaming’s Jungler, Lu “Leyan” Jue has received a hefty punishment for the use of a one-shot baron bug.

The jungler joined VG before summer split after leaving Invictus Gaming, meeting up with the young roster coached by Kkoma, who has since joined Damwon Gaming.

Lu ‘Leyan’ Jue at Worlds 2019 with IG (Cr: Riot Games)

While preparing for their match against IG at NEST 2020, VG players have been taking to solo queue to understand the preseason patch before Demacia Cup, in December. NEST is current on the final Season 10 patch before preseason. With many new massive patches, there are bugs, one of these allows for the player to one-shot baron as soon as it spawns & other jungle camps.

Leyan decided in a solo queue game to use said bug, after which he reported it to his team so they could inform Riot immediately.

Following this, he took to Weibo to issue an apology, stating that he realizes that he should have gone into practice tool and recorded evidence there instead of using it in-game.

Leyan’s Apology on Weibo (Cr: 电竞游戏菌)

VICI Gaming has since fined Leyan 3 months salary, given him a harsh warning and will accept any official decision and punishment made by the league. Proceeding this Leyan was furthermore punished by the league;
– Banned from 2020 All-Stars
– Banned from 2020 LPL All-Star Weekend
– Banned from 2020 Demacia Cup
– Banned from first two games in the 2021 LPL Spring Split
– Solo queue account suspended for three years
– Fined 50,000 RMB (roughly 7500 USD) from VICI Gaming

(Source @Gzeebee Twitter)

Leyan’s hefty punishment follows on from another jungler who also received a penalty for comments he made. However, the difference is stark.

Across the Sea.

Kim “OnFleek” Jang-gyeom, was fined by Riot Korea for 1 mil KRW (900 USD) for his “inappropriate expression while reporting a player on Nov 6.” (Reported by Ashley Kang)

The expression was seen as a racial attack from Chinese fans. With some interpreting, the statement as “the only good ch*nk is a dead ch*nk.”

In addition SandBox Gaming fined OnFleek 3 mil KRW (2690 USD), issued him with 30 hours of community service and banned him for the first round-robin of the 2021 LCK Spring Season.

SandBox Gaming OnFleek (Cr. INVEN Global)

What comes into question here is Riot’s protocol in punishments, and also the room to open the conversation about racial attacks in the game. Sadly, the difference in region’s punishments has shown the disparity in what’s act foolishness and a clear racist attack.

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