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Teamfight Tactics 10.23 – Riot Targets Aphelios, Xin Zhao, and Dazzler

League of Legends is currently on its yearly massive preseason patch, with a massive item overhaul. Teamfight Tactics players will not be seeing change of a similar magnitude for a while though, as their 10.23 patch is comparatively smaller.

This patch does see changes which should bring some of the more oppressive units back in line and place others into the spotlight. Let’s take a look.

Teamfight Tactics 10.23 Patch Changes


Cultist – The Cultist trait overall saw the biggest change, as their summoned Galio received a bunch of changes. To start off, his starting mana saw an increase from 50 to 75 for all levels. Both Cultist 6 and 9 saw a health decrease for their Galio. The Cultist 9 Galio did receive a hit to his base attack damage, however, he gained crowd control immunity for the first 8 seconds.

Dazzler – Dazzler 2 saw a 10% decrease to their attack damage reduction from 50 to 40. The divine trait units saw an increase from 40% to 50% for their bonus true damage and damage reduction. The 2 and 8 divine also saw their synergy buff duration increased.

Hunter – Hunter bonus damage went down at all ranks. Fortune received new loot opportunities at 10 – 12 loss streaks.

Keeper – Keeper received a buffed duration at 4 and 6 units but 6 keeper did receive a 50 damage nerf.

Champion Changes

2 Cost

Aphelios received a rework that ensures his turrets no longer on-attack effects or grant him mana. This means items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statikk Shiv and Runaan’s Hurricane no longer provide the value they previously did. He did receive a large decrease to his mana pool. To compensate, he received an attack speed buff.

Zed received two buffs, with an increase to his bonus damage on his 1 star variant, along with a buff at 1 and 2 stars for his attack damage steal ability.

3 Cost

Xin Zhao receives the second rework of the patch with a change to how his ability works in an effort to make him a more consistent carry. Xin Zhao sweeps around himself dealing up to 3.5 times his attack damage and gaining up to 75 armor and magic resist for the rest of the round. He also received a standard mana lock. Finally, his mana pool received an increase with a higher base and his spell can now crit.

Xin Zhao  Teamfight tactics Patch 10.23
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Akali received an attack speed boost to slightly counteract her manalock from the last patch. Katarina saw a damage buff at 1 star and Kalista saw a damage buff at 3 star. Kennen saw a 10 point increase to both his armor and magic resist, however, he did lose damage on his 3 star ability.

4 Cost

Ahri’s ability is considered a channeled one, and can now be interrupted by stunning her or revival. If the channel is interrupted its impact area is reduced. Her 1 and 2 star variants did, however, receive a buff to their ability damage.

Ashe received a nerf to both her health and armor. She was one of the premier carry’s in the last patch, so making her more vulnerable may bring her in line.

The other carry of the patch was Talon. His ability now targets the unit with the lowest armor rather than the one which dealt the most damage. The time in which he leaps during his ability has also increased. This change should raise the value of defensive items like Guardian Angel on carries for them to survive longer.

Warwick received a nerf to his fear duration at all ranks, barring his 3 star form as well as an attack speed nerf. He also received a bug fix which should allow his spell to go off in case he performs a Hunter attack during it.

Finally, Sejuani received a mana nerf as she was using her ability far too often during rounds.

5 Cost

Lillia got a mana nerf, and Kayn’s targeting was adjusted.

Lee Sin 3 now knocks off the board any target he kicks, along with any within the area around them regardless of position.

Hopefully, the Teamfight Tactics 10.23 changes usher in a fresh era for the players and we pray it will be a patch to remember.

Teamfight Tactics 10.23 also brings K/DA inspired looks for 5 different little legends including the Squink, Furryhorn, Featherknight, Lightcharger and Hushtail.

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