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Shanghai Dragons’ “Fearless” Traded to Dallas Fuel

BREAKING NEWS: Eui-Seok “Fearless” Traded to Dallas Fuel

What was only a rumor in the beginning has come to be truth. On Thursday November 7th , Overwatch League (OWL) reporter Arran “Halo” Brown informed trough his Twitter that “sources confirmed that Dallas Fuel and Shangai Dragons completed a trade for Eui-Seok “Fearless”. In the beginning, this was seen with disbelief by the OWL community because of “Fearless” importance to the success of Shanghai Dragons on OWL Season 3. During this season, the Main Tank “Fearless” was one of the best Main Tanks around the league. Because of that, he received the achievement of being a role star for the Tank position. Nevertheless, Dallas Fuel utilized their Twitter account a few moments ago to confirm they had traded for Shanghai Dragon’s Main Tank.

With this video Dallas Fuel announced “Fearless” arrival to the team

What Does This Mean for Dallas Fuel?

“Fearless’” addition to Dallas Fuel contributes to Fuel’s desire of building a roster of former players and coaches from the Overwatch Contenders team Element Mystic. “Fearless” played for  Element Mystic during 2017 for one year before being picked up by Shanghai Dragons. During that year “Fearless” played under the coaching of assistant coach Kim “Yong” Yong-jin and head coach Yun “Rush” Hee-won.  Both coaches are now part of the coaching staff from the Dallas Fuel and will reunite with “Fearless”. Furthermore, on Element Mystic “Fearless” played alongside players like Kim “Sp9rk1e” Yeong-han and Kim “Rapel” Jun-geun. In consequence, it is expected that Dallas Fuel is a good place for “Fearless” to go becuase he already has experience playing around the people that waits for him at Dallas.

In this manner, Dallas Fuel continues to be the biggest winner this off-season as they have filled another gap on their roster with a super-star player. If interested to see the full list of players have acquired check our article Overwatch League Roster Changes: From Paris to Dallas

“Fearless” played along Dallas Fuel players during his time onElement Mystic

What’s Next for Shanghai Dragons

Once the movement of “Fearless” to Dallas Fuel became official, Dragon’s fans could not hide their disappointment. “Fearless” was a favorite player of the fans since he was the only remaining player from the Dragon’s Season 1 team. According to “Halo”, Dragons would look to replace “Fearless” by trading with the Florida Mayhem for Main Tank Koo “Fate”Pan-seung.

This would be an interesting move as Dragon’s head coach Moon “Moon” Byung-chul already has experience coaching him. Moon and Fate shared team during OWL season 1 on Los Angeles Valiant. However, this report still brought discontent to Shanghai’s fan which consider that “Fate” is a downgrade of a player. In a year in which the Dragons finished first place on the season’s regular standings, it is at least interesting to see them get rid of one of their best playes of the season.

“Fate” is expected to arrive to Shanghai Dragons in replacement

While waiting for the next movements from Dragons and Fuel, check out our article on The Implosion of The London Spitfire.

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