NEST 2020 Rosters Announced

The National Electronic Sports Tournament 2020 (NEST) has announced its competitors. NEST is an annual tournament held in China before the Demacia Cup, holding some relevancy to who gets to play at Demacia later in December.

nest rosters announced
Invictus Gaming win NEST 2017


This tournaments format has changed however from a Single Elimination bracket to a group stage with a knockout stage afterwards. Twelve teams will attend the event, split into four groups as follows;

Note: As of now, we know who is in each group, but not the official title of each group

Group A
Billi-Billi Gaming (BLG)
Rogue Warriors (RW)
Suning Gaming (SN)

Group B
FunPlus Phoenix (FPX)
Edward Gaming (EDG)
eStar (ES)

Group C
Team WE (WE)
LGD Gaming (LGD)
Oh My God (OMG)

Group D
Vici Gaming (VG)
Royal Never Give Up (RNG)
Invictus Gaming (IG)

There will be a lot of new young faces at this tournament due to Korean imports struggling with Visas to return to China. However, it is common to see youngsters get a chance at these events, as teams typically give rest periods to players.

Games will stream over on HUYA, starting on the 9th of November.

Notable Missing Players

Khan & GimGoon from FPX.
TheShy, Rookie, & Ning from IG.
Betty & Ming from RNG.
Scout, Junjia, Aodi, Hope & Meiko from EDG.
The entire starting five from Suning.*
The entire starting five of LGD.*

Additionally, Top Esports, JD Gaming, Dominus Esports, Victory Five, and LNG Esports will not be attending.

*Most-likely players were given extended leave as well as some visa troubles. Peanut is back in Korea.

nest rosters announced
TES Knight via Riot Games

Players to Watch

1. Invictus Gaming’s ZS, XUN, and Captain

I’ve spoken previously about XUN joining the IG starting roster, so take this as a precursor.

Also, ZS & Captain performed very well at Demacia cup 2019 as well as Winning LDL Summer 2020, much like the previous year which saw the rise of Huanfeng, Forge & 705. (Leyan was apart of that team before Playoffs)

LGD Garvey

A player that went to Worlds with LGD but wasn’t put on any of the pre and post-game posters. Still very young at 18, Garvey has been spoken about to be a very hot prospect with a very aggressive skill-oriented champ pool. After seeing what Bin did this year at Worlds, and LangX’s future uncertain this could be his chance to finally take the spot he so desires.

The Vici Gaming Roster

After building a strong and young core around iBoy in 2019, to Kkoma leaving after one year in charge and some questionable results, VICI will be looking to push on again. Heng, the rookie support has a likely starting role at NEST, Aix & Leyan will need to fight over the Jungle role. There could be some fireworks coming from this team. iBoy was one of the top ADC’s at Demacia last year and look very strong throughout the season if he can help lead this team they can go far.  

nest rosters announced
VICI Gaming Spring 2020 via VICI Gaming Weibo

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