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Paris Eternal Biggest Losers of the Overwatch League Off-Season?

Paris Eternal Strong 2020 Season

After the third edition of the Overwatch League (OWL) came to an end, Paris Eternal’s fans could say that regardless of the Eternal being eliminated soon from the final play-offs, they remained content with the performance of their team throughout the season.

The Eternal had a solid roster this year without any real weak links on it. With superstars like the damage player Kim “SP9RK1E” Young-han or support role star Brice “FDGod” Monsçavoir, Paris Eternal went over expectations. With this roster, the Eternal was one of the most consistent teams throughout the year. Finishing 4th place on the general standings, and more impressively, being champions of the Summer Showdown tournament in a final against the Philadelphia Fusion. In the mentioned tournament they even defeated the current champions of OWL, San Francisco Shock. With these results the Eternal had their best year in franchise history, gaining several fans across the league.

Paris Eternal´s Summer Showdown run to championship

A Nightmare Off-Season

After a season that surpassed expectations, Eternal’s fans were eager to see what would be next for a team that consolidated as one of the best. However, early in the off-season the whole OWL scene would be in awe at the roster movements realized by the Paris Eternal. With the use of twitter, the team and some of their players announced that several members would not come back to the Eternal and would be looking to move to different teams. As a result, the following list of players have been officially released or traded to other teams:

  • Off-Tank: Choi “Hanbin” Han-been
  • Main Tank: Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait
  • Main Tank: Daun “NoSmite” Jeong
  • Flex DPS: Kim “Sp9rk1e” Yeong-han
  • Flex DPS: Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret
  • Hitscan DPS: Terrence “SoOn” Tarlier
  • Flex Support: Kwon “Fielder” Joon

In this manner, the only active players on the roster are the Hitscan DPS Jung “Xzi” Ki-hyo and the main support Brice “FDGoD” Monsçavoir. Both players however, are expected to be traded to a team which is willing to pay their price. Both of these players had a phenomenal season and should attract several teams around the league. In addition, the Eternal does not have a team of coaches at the moment as they released their general manager and coaching staff which consisted of:

  • Head Coach: Hee-won “RUSH”
  • Assistant Coach; Jaeyoon “Aid”
  • Assistant Coach: Chung-hyeok “Levi”
  • General Manager: Bumhoon “NineK”

In that manner, only assistant manager Kyoung Ey “Molly” “AVALLA” Kim remains on the organization. Because of this, “AVALLA” will be in charge of the movements made by the Eternal this off-season.

With this video, the Eternal announced the departure of their super-star player Sp9rk1e

What to Expect from the Eternal Next?

The Eternal have not made an official statement explaining which will be the future of the team yet. Moreover, their social media remains silent as they have not posted anything since October 23rd.

Nevertheless, according to the OWL reporter Arran “Halo” Brown, the Eternal “have started extensive trails”. It is clear that the Eternal are not looking to spend money trading for big-name players. On the contrary, they appear to be trying to find undiscovered talent as presumably it should be cheaper. This is a dangerous move from the Eternal because they do not have a coach to facilitate the scouting process. In addition, the organization will place all pressure on their assistant manager “AVALLA”, this off-season.

To conclude, it can be assumed that fans of the Eternal will be disappointed on how this off-season was managed. Especially, because Paris Eternal finally had a winning roster after two years of disappointment only to see it disappear immediately.

As we wait for news of Paris Eternal’s future, make sure to check out our article on “Overwatch League Roster Changes: From Paris to Dallas”.

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