AHQ & J-Team look to join the LPL for 2021

Reports in late October suggested that J-Team were looking to buy eStar’s LPL spot. With recent reports showing AHQ Esports Club are looking to purchase Rogue Warriors spot.

J-Team, formerly known as Taipei Assassins, currently compete in the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) and are owned by Jay Chou as well as sponsored by the Taipei City Government. After missing out on worlds this year and finishing 3rd the prediction for many would be that J-Team would look to build on what they lost but this move seems to have arrived out of the blue.

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J-Team worlds 2019 | Photo via Riot Games

It is common knowledge that the LPL is looking to expand further to 20 teams and attempt to have most of the teams based in a city within China. V5 just announced their home to be Shenzhen, partnering with Shenzhen media group & Music star Jackson Wang. eStar, the newest team in the LPL, having a good showing in Spring but poor in Summer. Their owner Liu ‘PDD’ Mou, also owns Young Miracles, where players like XLB, Ning & Tian have come through.

The question is why? The Market, it’s as simple as that. Jay Chou is a megastar in China. Bringing his team to China would increase their revenue tenfold.

Uniboy | Photo via Riot Games

AHQ, on the other hand, is a peculiar one. Purchasing Rogue Warriors spot in the league. Again, the move is based on the market and to compete with the best but it is also risky. Unlike J-Team, AHQ doesn’t seem to have the insane financial backing nor does this guarantee them success. J-Team can use Jay Chou to gather fans and more, but who can AHQ use? It’s also going to be interesting to see if these moves go through and what happens with their previous rosters. Kongyue & Uniboy on AHQ showed some incredible performances in Play-ins for PSG Talon while on loan. Kongyue has left the team for free agency, however. Also, who would J-Team bring across? Maybe J-Team will look to reunite with FoFo who left at the start of 2019 for the LPL.

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