Counter Strike BLAST Premier – ASTRALIS and G2 Win

In the first series of the Counter Strike BLAST Premier Group C, ASTRALIS took a 2-1 win over MIBR sending them to the upper bracket final. After an almost two hour delayed start due to Steam network issues, ASTRALIS proved to be the dominant force. Meanwhile, in the second series of the night, G2 Esports took a demanding win over FURIA.


Playing their first official game since September, MIBR came out strong, narrowly losing their map pick, Vertigo, 19-16. On the ASTRALIS-picked Nuke, the game was equally as close. Going into the half trailing 7:8, they fought back on T Side, taking the map 16:13. Inferno was not as close as the opening games with ASTRALIS taking a dominant first half 11:4 and then only losing 1 round in the second half, taking the game 16:5 and the series win.


Meanwhile, in the second game of the night, G2 came out strong with a 2-0 series win over FURIA in G2 NiKo’s debut game. The matches were not as close as the first game of the night with G2 taking Mirage 16:10. Notably, FURIA’s VINI only got 7 kills across the 26 rounds. G2 also took a commanding win in the second game, beating Nuke 16:11.

ASTRALIS and G2 now progress to play against one another in the Counter Strike BLAST Premier Group C Upper Bracket Final on the 3rd of November. MIBR and FURIA will be fighting it out in the Lower Bracket Round 1 after the ASTRALIS v G2 game.

You can check out the bracket for the Counter Strike BLAST Premier by clicking here.

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