Counter Strike Blast Series: Which Teams are Making the Move to EU

It’s no secret that North American Counter Strike is in turmoil. This sad truth has been reiterated by streamers, analysts, and even North American players.

One of NA’s top-performing organizations, 100Thieves, was just dropped with teammates who had been playing for almost three years now scattered across the globe. Allegations of coach and player cheating have led to Chaos’ condemnation. Gen.G only have 3/5ths of their former roster, with more and more players making the switch to the growing VALORANT scene. The former NA CS powerhouse and only NA major champions, Cloud9, are currently undergoing a roster overhaul. And although it means a promising new lineup with the addition of former Astralis 6th man, Es3tag, it will be a while before we see them in action.

With the current state of NA CS, many teams have decided to make the move to Europe for one of the first international tournaments in months. The North American teams participating in the Blast Premier Fall Series have shown dominant performances in their relatively small pool of competition. This might led to a rude awakening for their extended stay in CS’s most competitive region. 

The Teams

Evil Geniuses – They are currently the top-rated North American organization and most recent ESL One New York champions. They made it to their Serbian boot camp a week before the event. The Evil Geniuses have had a rough start to their tournament, however, falling to OG and dropping into the loser’s bracket after their first series. But EG was eager to make the move, as they were the first NA team to accept Blast’s invitation and still intend to be back in NA for IEM Beijing.

Furia – The ultra-aggressive Brazilian team who have dominated the NA scene in EG’s absence also decided to make the move to Europe. Furia find themselves in group C, playing their first series against G2 on November 2nd.

MIBR – Also placed in group C with their Brazilian counterparts, MIBR’s entirely new roster is making their international debut. Having been placed across from Astralis, hopes for the new roster are rather low. Nevertheless, this first foray into top tier competition could prove beneficial for the young squad.

Notable Absences

Many teams declined Blast’s invitation to Europe either because they dissolved their lineup entirely or found that the event came in the midst of their roster reconstruction. One notable absence is Team Liquid. Their management cited the current COVID situation and travel restrictions as their reason for not attending.

Team Liquid's reason for not attending BLAST's Counter Strike Blast Series.
Via @TeamLiquidCS

Despite the fact that Team Liquid just unveiled their European Training Facility, which their VALORANT team just moved into, TL will wait until November 23rd to join the Blast Series in Europe. It is unclear how this respite from competition will affect the team. However, there is hope that their eventual involvement in international play will help lift NA out of these dire straits.

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