G2 Esports at Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals

Lvl 1 Cheese Strats by G2 Esports’ That Got Them to World’s Semis

You’ve probably seen some level 1 cheese strats in Flex Queue. But in the coordination of competitive pro play, such strategies typically unseen. But G2 is known for being anything but typical. And in their quarterfinals match against Generation Gaming, G2 showed up with three different level cheese strats, burning a flash from Gen. G every single time. They won the series in a decisive 3-0 in their favour.

Keep reading to learn the exact strategies they used, and give it a shot the next time you and your buddies get together for a round of League of Legends.

Cheese Strat #1 – Point and Click CC

In the first game, G2 walked towards the enemy red buff and threatened to engage onto GenG toplaner, Rascal. G2 Caps elected to upgrade W first on Twisted Fate. That granted him access to gold card and a guaranteed stun. Shortly after he was stunned, G2 Perkz followed up Jhin’s Deadly Flourish, which forced out Rascal’s flash.

This play forced Rascal to play safe or get ganked for the early laning phase. That let Wunder get priority in his lane. In a meta where carry junglers need to farm as much as possible, Jankos’ Nidalee benefited greatly from the early pressure Wunder was able to create.

Cheese Strat #2 – Layer the Skillshots

In the second game, all of G2’s players gathered around the bot lane. Mikyx used Tahm Kench’s slow to mark GenG’s Leona for his Jhin to follow up. G2 Perkz used his Deadly Flourish, which would have rooted Leona thanks to the mark from Mikyx. That burnt a flash from GenG’s support Life.

This significantly decreased the power of GenG’s Ashe-Leona bot lane. GenG is a team that relies heavily on their bot lane to carry. This play made sure that they couldn’t solely rely on their bot lane to carry. 

Cheese Strat #3 – Playing with Vision

In the last game of the series, G2 burnt yet another flash before the minions spawned. This time, it was off of GenG midlaner, Bdd. G2’s support upgraded his W first on Rakan. This allowed him to jump over the wall and wait for Bdd to walk up into the river entrance bush. Despite not having vision of Bdd, Mikyx used Grand Entrance into the bush. That forced Bdd to flash.

G2 is trying to flip the script after FPX’s infamous level ones’ that lost them the world finals last year. They have greatly improved their early game strategies. If they are able to pull off these level ones and go even in lane, G2 may be able to take games or even the series against Damwon tomorrow. Their mid-game skirmishing and teamfighting prowess can only be matched by Damwon, so this semifinals matchup will be a banger!

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