How to Climb Out of ELO Hell (5 Tips)

We all hit that wall where we feel like we can’t move forward. Matches become an exercise in constant vigilance and fear of feeding the enemy team. No matter what you do, your opponent always seems to have the edge. Here are 5 tips and tricks that will help you climb out of ELO Hell.

1. Positioning, Positioning, Positioning

The biggest mistake players make when trying to transition from beginner to competitive playing is their positioning. Not knowing their attack range, being unaware of their movement speed and not knowing their opponents either.

How far away do you have to be to avoid Blitzcranks’s Rocket Grab hook or Morgana’s Dark Binding root? A good way to find out is to play those champions a few times. After a few games, you will be aware of the capability of their spells and attacks.

Once you’ve done that, practice baiting out key spells by weaving in and out of their range. This concept is called “tethering”. For example, you can bait out a Thresh Death Sentence hook by walking in and out of the minion wave. When you see the hook coming, you can easily side-step it by walking out of it’s range or back into the minion wave. When those spells are on cooldown, you can abuse that window to engage.

2. Gold Income

They say the one that gets the gold wins the game and in League it has proven to be true. Gold income is everything. Getting core items faster than the other team and having stronger stats will win you the game.

The best way to earn gold is to be a proficient last hitter. Taking the final hit on minions will increase your Creep score, or CS, which will give you extra gold. 17 CS gives you around the same gold as 1 kill, so make sure to last hit those minions. LoL Dodge Game is a great way to practice farming, dodging, and landing skillshots!

Scoring enemy takedowns (kills and assists) will also increase your gold, especially if the enemy player has shutdown bounty on them. Taking down turret plating at the beginning of the game will also give you extra gold. Other forms of gold revenue include First Blood, First Turret, and taking down neutral objectives like Dragon and Baron.

3. Destroying Turrets

Yes, team fighting in the jungle may seem the most interesting. However, neglecting your lane and not achieving objectives will result in a loss. There is a time to chase and there is a time to let the enemy come to you.

You should always aim to win your lane and then spread that lead to other lanes. You might have 15 kills from chasing down your enemies, but if their team has taken 8 towers, there is a good chance they will take your nexus before you can take theirs.

4. Map Control and Awareness

Vision is incredibly important to being successful in League of Legends. Having vision helps you escape ganks from the enemy jungler, set up picks in the mid-game, have more control over objectives, and much more.

Buy control wards and place them in river brushes. Wards are best placed at river entrances, which helps you spot out a jungler entering the river. Check the minimap every 5-10 seconds to see what’s going on around the map. Knowing where the enemy team is and where your team is essential to winning games.

5. Teamwork and Communication

League of Legends is a team game. You cannot win a game on your own. While it’s common for more experienced players to carry games, once you reach higher levels it becomes nearly impossible to win games without the cooperation of your teammates.

Be respectful in chat, use it only to discuss game strategy and cooperate with achieving objectives. Some people advise to mute chat altogether, however, you could miss important information if you do that. My recommendation is to mute individual players once you notice toxic tendencies. Those players probably aren’t going to say anything useful in chat.

Pay attention to team pings and know your role and play to that. For example, are you a marksman, a tank, a healer or an assassin? Play to your strengths and the strengths of your team, and you will find yourself far more successful on the Rift!

Check out our guide on the best supports to play with Samira for some strong bot-lane synergy, and keep your eyes peeled for more guides that will get into the specifics of wave management, tethering, drafting, vision, and much more!

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