Umbral Glaive Game Breaking Bug at Worlds 2020?!

UPDATE (October 14, 2020): Riot has addressed this issue and pushed out a micropatch that will be in effect on all servers, including the rest of the Worlds matches.

Reddit user IWillTakeTheBlame made a post about a potential bug surrounding the item Umbral Glaive. This bug may have been plaguing the League of Legends Worlds 2020 tournament. According to the Reddit post, when a jungle plant is destroyed by a champion that has built Umbral Glaive, that plant will not respawn for the rest of the game.

IWillTakeTheBlame highlighted a bug in the Day 5 tiebreaker match between Suning and G2 Esports. The bug could have had a drastic impact on the outcome of the match. 30 minutes and 25 seconds into the game, you can see on the map that Graves (Suning SoFM) destroyed a blast cone near the bottom lane. His CS increased from 240 to 241 after hitting the blast cone. No blast cone respawned in that location for the rest of the game. If it respawned, there should have been a green dot on the minimap where it would be.

This was game-changing. The last teamfight happened 13 minutes later, when the blast cone should have respawned. With the blast cone gone, Suning Bin on Gangplank had a much easier time accessing G2’s carries. This ultimately turned the teamfight in Suning’s favor, and the game ended shortly after.

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Team Involvement?

With champions such as Graves and Pantheon taking advantage of lethality builds in this meta, top teams may be aware of this bug and be using it to their advantage.

There are blast cones scattered around the rift, however, the number depends on the next dragon to spawn. The respawn duration of a blast cone is between 5 minutes and 6.5 minutes depending on where it is on the map. (source: So the potential of this bug is huge, as Umbral Glaive users may have been destroying blast cones around important objectives, giving themselves an unforeseen advantage over their opponents.

Next Steps For Umbral Glaive?

In conclusion, it’s unlikely that any results will be changed due to this possible bug. However, there is the potential for teams that have now learned about the bug to exploit it. If the Umbral Glaive interaction with blast cones is a bug, Riot must step in. The measures they may take could drastically alter the outcome of the tournament.

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