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League of Legends World’s Groups Day 2 Run Down

Machi Esports (PCS) vs Team Liquid (NA)

MCX: Ornn, Volibear, Syndra, Ezreal, Karma. TL: Mordekeiser, Graves, Orianna, Caitlyn, Lux.
First Game Draft
Photo via Riot Games

This was the first League of Legends meeting between Machi Esports and Team Liquid (TL) on the League world stage. Both teams usually play with an emphasis on jungle picks with both junglers having a similar champion pool. Graves and Lee Sin are the most played champions for both players..

Machi appeared to win the game outright during draft as they chose a high sustain, high engage team composition that were set up for success against TL’s composition. The survivability of Volibear and Ornn paired with Karma was simply no match for North America’s third seed. TL’s champions couldn’t afford to build magic resist as it would stunt their builds, so Syndra proved to be a very powerful pick.

The game started explosively with a kill in the bot lane for Team Liquid. Machi quickly followed up with a kill on TL Jensen, ruining his tempo and putting him behind for the rest of the game. TL Jensen was forced to rush Mercury Treads as his first item on Orianna, delaying his build path far beyond that of his opponent.

Despite the fast start to the game, things died down quickly. Both junglers opted for a heavy farming playstyle over a more active game. Machi managed to snag four Dragons, while TL got a Rift Herald and two Barons. Team Liquid’s team composition simply had no way to gain access to the objectives and were kept at bay by the first seed in the PCS.

The gold difference at the twenty-minute mark was minimal due to the slow nature of the match, however, the items from Ornn’s passive were hadn’t come yet.

TL struggled from the start of the game to the end in what looks to be a drafting issue. The Graves jungle pick, despite being one of Broxah’s most played champions and the first pick, was unable to influence the game in the favour of Team Liquid. This is a game where Machi Esports looked dominant throughout. Team Liquid have many things they need to fix as they move into their next game if they hope to pick up a trophy this year. The North American side was simply no match for Machi and got brutally picked apart all over Summoner’s Rift.

G2: Volibear, Graves, Twisted Fate, Ezreal, Bard. SN: Renekton, Lee Sin, Syndra, Ashe, Nautilus.
Second game draft

G2 Esports (LEC) vs Suning (LPL) – Game of the Day?!

The draft was regular for both teams, as each team opted for familiar champions. However, there was excitement in the bot lane with the Bard pick for G2 Mikyx.

The game was very close and G2 Caps’ Twisted Fate was unable to make an impact on the map during the early game. His one ultimate to the bot lane was interrupted with a well-executed stun from SN Angel’s Syndra. Twisted Fate was unable to make an impact in the early game as Angel stopped is attempted ultimate to bot lane with a well-executed Syndra stun.

There were plenty of misplays from both sides. For example, G2 Perkz somehow decided that he could take on the entirety of the SN roster alone. However, he did make up for that mistake later with a phenomenal back door teleport to finish off the enemy nexus.

SN SofM opted for tank Lee Sin as opposed to a lethality build. When couple with the Ocean Soul, he was almost unkillable. Despite G2 claiming both the Elder Dragon and the Baron buff, Suning was able to hold them off a little longer.

The game closed out in a thrilling fashion with multiple heart-pounding fights in the last few minutes. Suning, looking to end the game, charged down mid lane after an extended fight. However, they were outsmarted by G2 Perkz, who sent his team to stop the enemy recalls while he teleported to Suning’s base to claim the nexus.

G2 Wunder was so immersed in the game he didn’t even notice his audio was disabled for the first four minutes of the game!

This game was surely the most entertaining Worlds game so far; lots of objectives, smite fights, aces, and teamfights and backdoors that had everyone on edge. Both teams put in a stellar performance and their upcoming opponents will have a lot to consider when thinking which champions to ban against them.

RGE: Gangplank, Hecarim, Syndra, Kalista, Taric. DWG: Lulu, Graves, Sylas, Ashe, Pantheon
Third game draft

Rogue (EU) vs Damwon Gaming (LCK)

Coming from the buzz of two blow-out victories within 30 minutes from yesterday’s League games, both teams looked to do the same to their opponents today. Today’s game, however, was unlike yesterday’s stomps and was instead a much more controlled form of League of Legends with Damwon using the first kill in top lane to starve the enemy jungler of resources.

Damwon’s Lulu top coming in as a counter pick to Rogue’s Gangplank did its job perfectly. It kept him shoved into his tower and she expertly danced around his barrels. Lulu opted for a very gold efficient build styled around team play with the Redemption coming out early. Gangplank, a heavy farming and hard scaling champion was down 20 CS already at the twelve-minute mark.

All dragons were taken by the side of Damwon except for one which Rogue managed to sneak away although it didn’t help them in the long run. Damwon Gaming took jungle camp after jungle camp from Rogue which lead to DWG Canyon being up 35 CS and 1 kill sixteen minutes into the game.

Damwon’s prowess showed that making a single mistake against them can lose you the game. They will bleed that mistake into every lane on the Rift until there is nowhere safe and then they will take the Nexus. Despite the low kill count, Damwon worked up a gold lead of 7,000 after taking the Mountain Soul. They used that to strut into bot lane, initiating a fight that buckled Rogue. Despite DWG Beryl making some poor plays, having the most deaths on the team and the focus generally being on Damwon’s top side, DWG Beryl was given the honour of being the game’s Most Valuable Player.

PSG: Ornn, Graves, Syndra, Jhin, Bard. JDG: Sett, Sylas, Ekko, Ashe, Pantheon.
Fourth game draft

PSG Talon (PCS) vs JD Gaming (LCK)

In a similar fashion to yesterday, PSG’s main roster failed to perform that its substitutes set in play-ins. This game was once again a stomp. There isn’t much to say about the game, as PSG were being constantly caught out all over the map.

At the 20 minute mark, there was already a 12,000 gold advantage for JDG who looked as though they were stomping a solo queue team. JDG’s lanes were up by a significant amount of CS in every single lane for the majority of the game. PSG, on the other hand, spent much of their time running back to their own turrets in retreat. JDG took three dragons leaving PSG with no drake soul win condition this time around.

This game, frankly, was an embarrassment to PSG. They will need to change rapidly if they don’t want their Worlds run to end here. The game ended with PSG being aced after trying to contest baron twenty-two minutes into the game, the death timers were long enough for JDG to walk through the enemies’ base to claim the Nexus, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Gen.G: Volibear, Lilia, Sett, Ezreal, Karma. TSM: Rnekton, Nidalee, Zilean, Senna, Rakan.
Fifth game draft

Gen. G Esports (LCK) vs TSM (LCS)

Reeling from a loss against Fnatic yesterday, TSM was hoping to get their name on the board with a win today however unfortunately it wasn’t to be. In the draft phase, TSM opted to lock in Renekton and Nidalee which synergise very well although TSM was unable to make it work vs a Volibear, Lilia duo. I was excited at first to see TSM Bjergsen choose his famous Zilean mid lane yet it fell short at every step of the way.

GEN BDD dominated TSM Bjergsen’s Zilean in the mid lane, zoning him away from a huge amount of CS. GEN BDD was up 40 CS to TSM Bjergsen’s 20 just five minutes into the game. After the first couple of wave clears, Gen. G’s Lillia was already teaming up with her top laner to rampage through TSM’s jungle, taking camps as she pleased.

TSM Spica, on Nidalee, had a few kills under his belt. However, Gen. G grew their lead in every other aspect they could, dominating their lane opponents in CS and experience. Nidalee also chose to take Conqueror over Dark Harvest which was difficult to proc in the match up.

To finish the dominant League game, Gen. G wiped four members of TSM, took the Baron and saw the victory screen with a 10,000 gold lead over their seemingly weak counterparts.

There were high hopes for North America’s first seed who absolutely must get things in order in the drafting phase of the game, none of the champions synergised very well together and the top jungle duo were unable to make anything happen. TSM Bjergsen may be proficient at Zilean in League solo queue, but I doubt any of his opponents will waste a ban on the champion after today’s performance.

LGD: Ornn, Kindred, Ekko, Miss Fortune, Nautilus. DNC: Sett, Graves, Syndra, Jhin, Thresh.
Sixth game draft

LGD Gaming (LPL) vs Fnatic (LEC)

Things appeared frightening for Fnatic in the draft phase as LGD banned Evelynn, Lucian and Shen, three champions and that Fnatic love to play on and are extremely comfortable with. Taking carry jungle champions off the board is a must when playing against Fnatic, as Selfmade can use a tiny lead to take over the entire game. That was shown by his victory over TSM yesterday, where he finished with four kills to one death and being up 48 CS.

Very early on into the match Selfmade made his way up to top lane as FNC Bwipo chunked out LGD LangX heavily. Rather than accepting death, LGD LangX on his Ornn teleported to his friendly nexus towers before the wave could crash and the dive could commence. LGD Xiye, on Ekko, was forced to roam top to soak up the experience that LGD LangX’s Ornn was losing to the turret. LGD LangX was a full two levels behind his counterpart due to the potential dive from FNC Selfmade.

The story of Fnatic this game was about powering up Bwipo’s Sett. Rift Herald was given to him to take first tower, he had an assist and he had completed a Cull all before fourteen minutes.

The gold graph remained even right through the game. However the items from Ornn’s passive upset the balance as they came through. FNC Bwipo was unable to convert his lead as LGD took three dragons from Fnatic.

A fight ensued for the dragon soul. However, a huge Ekko and Miss Fortune ultimate combo from LGD left Fnatic’s champions scattered all over the map with grey screens. LDG were the victors in this game with eight kills and 5,000 gold over Fnatic.

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