Among Us : A Pet Peeve Highlight Reel (The Skeld)

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Developed in 2018 but blowing up 2 years later, Among Us is a hit indie game involving little astronaut players that try to successfully fly their spaceship even with the meddling of imposters. In its fairly simple but also multi-faceted gameplay, a single round can expand into a complicated round of mafia; there are difficult victories, anticlimactic defeats, but most importantly, a fair deal of frustrating instances. Remember a time you fixed lights and were greeted by a full room of coloured ham confused and horrified? Or perhaps when your data upload got cut off for the 4th time in a row by pointless meetings?  Here’s a compiled list for the best of the best (or the worst of the worst, to be accurate). 

  1. The Infamous Card Swipe  (IMO the reincarnation of the devil)

Nothing to be said about this, but swiping a credit card was definitely never this painstaking before. Many players rage over this specific task due to its finicky nature in terms of timing. It’s either “too fast”, “too slow” or “bad read” over and over again, leaving us vulnerable and open to the ambush of the imposters while constantly repeating the same pointless task. Even worse, the more you try, the more stressful it gets, and consecutively gets harder to get a good read. To the rumoured few who get it first try every damn time, serious kudos to you.

  1. (ft. The Electrical Dial)

On the topic of frustrating tasks, the electrical dial ( also a hurdle in time ) comes close second. It requires a decent amount of focus and precision to tap exactly when the grey rotator hits the mark, and one miss resets the entire process. In addition, this task is located in electrical, an even better chance for imposters to stab you in the back and vent away easily; the dial easily takes second place during a ranking of “worst tasks to have” in Among Us.

  1. “ red sus” “why???” *red was ejected.*

It’s usually recommended for players to play with their friends, simply because randoms are sometimes somewhat.. difficult to work with. Rule of thumb: the most convincing you can be during a discussion is typing out a name or colour first. No context or evidence needed. It’s already hard to prove your innocence when other players have got their eye on you, and much more when they’ve already voted you without giving a chance for explanation.

  1. The 5-second kill (and a few other hacker spectacles)

Many players have reported being in rounds where everyone gets insta-killed around the table almost instantly. This is most likely a hack for a 0 cool-down kill, something incredibly broken and impossible in normal settings. Other than this, there have also been times when a non-imposter has been able to kill, vent, or even resurrect. In any case, this is simply a waste of time for other players who actually want to have a meaningful round, and now have to go wait in a new room after zero gameplay.

  1. Emergencies, or Not

Another issue with many randoms: people will call emergency meetings without anything useful to say, only an “I miss u guys” or nothing at all. This simply gets people mad because it interrupts their tasks, and since every person only gets a limited number of emergency meeting chances, it wastes an opportunity that could be used later in the game when an imposter is actually being suspicious or venting. 

Not every player experiences these problems, but the vast majority have likely encountered similar instances such as the ones written in this list. May it be praying religiously for a smooth admin swipe, or kicking out those who spam emergency meetings, you’re entitled to do anything you want to make Among Us more enjoyable for you. 

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