Best Supports to Pair with Samira

Samira is League of Legends’ latest AD Carry. On her arrival to Summoner’s rift, she smashed bot lane so hard that she had to be nerfed outside of patch notes. Armed with two guns and a sword, Samira can attack in both ranged and melee form. She excels in risky fights and can easily capitalize on her support’s crowd control with a passive that allows her to knock up and deal extra damage to an immobilized enemy champion. If she’s just out of auto attack range, her passive also allows her to dash in range to a cc’ed enemy. With a dash on her E, Wild Rush, and an ability that can destroy projectiles, Samira can also lane decently, allowing her support to roam and impact the rest of the map. That being stated, let’s get into it!

1. Leona

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Few supports have more crowd control than Leona, equipped with a root and dash on her Zenith Blade (E), a stun and double auto attack reset on her Shield of Daybreak (Q), as well as a stun and/or 80% slow on her ultimate, Solar Flare.

Leona has amazing all-in potential at level 2, and an E+Q combo from Leona, followed up by Samira’s passive is an almost guaranteed kill. Leona’s ultimate also synergizes well with Samira’s ultimate, Infernal Trigger. The stun and/or slow will help Samira stay in range with her enemies to get off as much of her ultimate as possible.

Additionally, Samira’s safety in lane with a dash and a crowd control destroying ability allows Leona to roam to other lanes, helping snowball them as well.

2. Taric

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Taric’s Dazzle (E), is a very powerful crowd control ability, stunning enemies hit for 1.25 seconds. The downside, however, is the 1 second delay before enemies are stunned. But with a mobile ADC like Samira, it’s much easier to follow enemy champions and land his stun, proccing Samira’s passive. Samira can also destroy crowd control mid-air with her Blade Whirl (W), meaning that she can safely dash towards enemies to land a stun.

Taric’s ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, which grants invulnerability to all nearby ally champions after a 2.5 second delay, is incredibly strong in teamfights, helping Samira get all of her ultimate in without having to worry about getting killed in the process.

Taric is also equipped with a heal on his Q, Starlight Touch. This provides some extra sustain in lane, helping Samira take some riskier trades.

3. Rakan

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We DID say that few supports have more crowd control than Leona, and Rakan may be on that very short list. With a 1 second knock-up on his Grand Entrance (W) and a charm on his ultimate, The Quickness, Rakan can easily create opportunities for Samira to go in for a kill.

With his ultimate combined with his knockup, he can force enemies to stay in Samira’s ult for…longer than they’d prefer. His Gleaming Quill (Q), provides a decent bit of sustain to help Samira stay in lane for longer.

Rakan is also a strong roaming support, and can gank other lanes to get them ahead as well.

4. Thresh

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Thresh is the quintessential crowd control and peel support. The Chain Warden is equipped with a hook on his Q, Death Sentence, which, when followed up with a Flay (E), can quite literally be a death sentence.

When Thresh reaches level 6, his ultimate, The Box, will make getting hit by a hook all the more dangerous. The movement speed slow on his ult synergizes well with Samira’s ult. It gives her more time to stack her passive and stay in range with her enemies.

Thresh’s iconic peeling ability, Dark Passage (W), allows allies to dash to him by clicking on a lantern he places on the ground. This lets Samira make much riskier plays, since she can easily bail out if anything goes wrong.

5. Morgana

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A bit of an outlier in this list, the Morgana-Samira bot lane plays a bit more defensively than the other supports in this list, while still providing long range crowd control for Samira to proc her passive. Morgana is best paired with her into heavy non-skillshot crowd control enemy comps and matchups that Samira struggles into.

Morgana’s Black Shield (E), which grants “spell immune” to a target ally champion, gives Samira an extra safety net. This means that Samira can use her Blade Whirl (W) more, since the cooldown won’t be as abusable. A good Morgana-Samira duo can make it impossible for the enemy laners to land any crowd control, while Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) can keep them rooted in place for Samira to follow up.

Morgana’s ultimate, Soul Shackles, is best used to force enemies out of a certain area, while dealing decent damage. With Samira, a good Morgana can force enemies to choose between two evils. They can either walk the short way out of Morgana’s ult, but that would mean walking into Samira’s ult. Or, they can choose to walk the longer way out, but that would leave them stunned because they stayed in Morgana’s ult range for too long, making it easy for Samira to follow up. Either way, Samira has plenty of time to dish out damage and get that double kill.

So, are you ready to smash bot lane with some wombo-combos? Good luck, and have fun!

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